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M Y  H I S T O R Y

Hi everyone, my name is Chelsea and I'm the founder of Honey Hair and Co. Being a hairstylist for the past 15 years has blessed me with the opportunity to create, meet amazing brides from all around, and do what I love. Not only do I get to help people feel beautiful on their big days, but I also get to use my knowledge and experience to teach other stylists through my special education classes. Through the top classes I have taken all around the country, I have learned the essentials of growing my business and being successful as a stylist. With that being said, I want to be able to share all of my knowledge with other aspiring and current stylists so they can also reach success. I'm excited to see where this journey takes us!


I'm a hairstylist based out of Long Island who has always been passionate about educating myself on the ever-changing trends and techniques in the hair world. Thanks to the power of social media, I've had the opportunity to connect with and learn from amazing stylists from across the globe. With that knowledge, I decided to create a special class for other stylists who are looking to further their craft and stay relevant in the industry. In my class, we will not only create stunning looks but also develop confidence in ourselves as stylists. Business tips and tricks will also be covered! I look forward to connecting with you and sharing what I know!


While in Hawaii for vacation I stumbled upon permanent jewelry. The concept was intriguing to me and immediately resonated with me. It's a unique way to memorialize special days or events in one's life, and the thought of people able to provide a product that will forever remain as a symbol of a milestone event was deeply meaningful. 

Permanent jewelry consists of items like necklaces, anklets, or bracelets that are permanently affixed to the body. Instead of a clasp or ties for removal, the jewelry is either welded together or linked onto the body. As permanent merely is not as extreme as a tattoo, the wearer can easily have it removed by cutting it off.

Now, when I look back to my experience in Hawaii, I'm grateful for finding something that changed my life for the better. Providing permanent jewelry for clients has become a great source of joy for me, and I love helping others to honor the special moments in their lives.


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